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Dear Buckley

Seventy-six days is a blink of time from when we first met thirteen years ago, yet somehow it feels longer. Grief slows the Earth’s orbit, making each moment a little more pronounced and sharper. Time cuts away a little slower and more precise than when you were here.

Gopher State XLVIII

“We expected to recapture some of the fun we’ve had in previous years, but as time has taught me, expectations are nothing more than premediated resentments.”

Writers Write

“Yesterday, I joined a kickball league. What started as an innocent conversation with some friends, snowballed into a series of events, some of which I still don’t fully understand, which resulted in me showing up to a field thirty miles from my house to practice with a group of people I had never met before.”

Santa Claus Versus Shang-Chi

The lie of unmanageability is that I can’t reach my goals because of time constraints or some other variable. My lower self has been prioritizing needs, then wants, then goals. In an artificial hierarchy constructed by my own feelings of inadequacy, I’ve willingly put my goals beneath my current reality instead of using goals to…


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Hi, I’m Ruth. I’ve always had a hard time defining myself as I seem to spend a lot of time in liminal spaces. Over the last decade, I’ve learned how to settle in and enjoy the transitions that life brings instead of trying to hurry up and get through them. That is what you will find in my writings, reflections, meditations, and humor surrounding the transitions in life.

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