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Flies of Life

“It wasn’t until we reached the freeway, did we fully appreciate the gravity of our situation. Our daughter started yelling “Ouchy, Ouchy” and screaming out in pain. It only took a few seconds to realize that there were flies, or at least one, that was circling our daughter who was helplessly strapped in her car seat as we drove down the highway at 70 mph.”

Becoming a Professional Writer…

“Last year I wrote “Become a professional writer” on my goal list. The first thing I did in preparation was quit my job under the premise that if I had no income, I’d be more motivated to make a living off my writing. Then I focused on defining myself as a writer and “author” which is proving more difficult than I anticipated.”

The Great Lie

“Time has given me the perspective that people, places, ideas, things, and even food, are not in themselves inherently a threat to anything or anyone. To live as such, is to limit ourselves from the very things that make life interesting. And while I cannot speak for the masses, my internal conflicts are the root cause of my poor decisions.”

Morning Chaos

“We often hand our tension over to others without understanding that it wasn’t ours to begin with. Someone passed it to us, and so we pass it to the next person, and they to the next, until it lands in the hands of someone with the tools to process it and let it go. The more of us who are open to inner work, the more points there will be in the giant web of humanity where harm will not be able to spread.” -Yung Pueblo


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About Me

Hi, I’m Ruth. I’ve always had a hard time defining myself as I seem to spend a lot of time in liminal spaces. Over the last decade, I’ve learned how to settle in and enjoy the transitions that life brings instead of trying to hurry up and get through them. That is what you will find in my writings, reflections, meditations, and humor surrounding the transitions in life.

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