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Most Precious Gift

“… We often cope in the wake of our own personal traumas, remembering the wounds as we struggle to see the growth stimulated by terrible events. Resilience has no meaning without disaster.” -Riley Black (The Last Days of the Dinosaurs)

A Pigeon Called Fate

“The worlds are not scripted for the profound love between mother and daughter. Everything can be re-written when it comes to the love string that bonds two hearts together. Not even death can glean a taste of this radiance as its very existence is the opposite of all that is death.”

Pancake Resentment

“The kids ate them and were thankful, but I could tell by the mass amounts of syrup they used that they were not the type of pancakes they were used to. I felt a sting of rejection that bothered me more than it should have. The inkling that I had a resentment against pancakes was rising in me once again.”

What’s is it like to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder?

“During my time in treatment, I started to understand how mentally ill I was. There is a saying that “only crazy people think they are normal”, in my experience – this is 100% true. I had inklings that perhaps I hadn’t adjusted well after my trauma, but I didn’t realize how serious it had become. “


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About Me

Hi, I’m Ruth. I’ve always had a hard time defining myself as I seem to spend a lot of time in liminal spaces. Over the last decade, I’ve learned how to settle in and enjoy the transitions that life brings instead of trying to hurry up and get through them. That is what you will find in my writings, reflections, meditations, and humor surrounding the transitions in life.

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