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“Consistency is contrary to nature, contrary to life. The only completely consistent people are dead.” – Aldous Huxley

Life has picked up pace in our household over the last few months. Happenstance mixed with a bit of grief for our beloved dog whose health is ailing. Sprinkled with the utter chaos that follows young children, leaving behind a trail of sticky destruction.

Life is sometimes black and white and sometimes it is an explosion of color. This past month has been very colorful indeed.

It never feels like a choice to not write. There are circumstances that on occasion physically prevent me from writing but beyond those rare occurrences, I write every day. At least that’s what I strive for.  

Lately, I’ve found time to work on my next book and not much else. My blog fell on the priority list, right below completing my homework for a course I am currently enrolled in. My blog days went from four to three to none with the brain telling me that I would find time. But I didn’t.

When I look back over the last year, writing in my blog is paramount to being seen. When I write my books, the story is already written and I’m just the vessel to get it out. I don’t think about the process too much or worry about the outcome because I truly see myself as the story carrier, not the creator. This may sound humble, trust me it’s not. But at a high level, that is how I see it.

My blog however is about me. All of me – in all my craziness, vulnerability, and insecurities. I sit down to write and when I am done, I publish it, and then I move on with my day. I put myself out there with the hopes that my words will find someone and brighten their day or if nothing else, make them think. But if not, that’s ok too.

Last night I received a message. I generally ignore most forms of electronic communication, and while this is not my most desirable trait, it’s served me well over the years. However, this particular message I did not ignore since it was from an old dear friend. The note was short and sweet, and my friend was merely “checking-in” since she hadn’t seen me post anything for a while.   

This morning during my meditation it struck me how much of a disservice it is to myself and my few readers to simply stop posting. Then came the real-world worries of not feeling inspired to write a blog and being hyper focused on finishing my next book while staying on top of my course work. The truth, however, is simple. Writing my blog is part of my creative process. It allows me to process my successes and failures as a mother, wife, daughter, and sister. This vulnerability helps me stay connected to the present moment which in turn allows me to create more vibrant alternative realities in my stories. My blog and my books are in an interdependent relationship.

Today, I will remember to strive for consistency in my life. Habits are the foundation for growth and the ladder to success. I will also remember that inconsistency is part of life and remaining agile is required for sanity and survival. I will fail forward when my good habits fall prey to bad ones and use the momentum for further growth and refinement. I’m grateful that I was in my friend’s thoughts enough to “check-in” and her efforts spurred up some dormant inspiration.

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  1. Kathleen Jones Avatar
    Kathleen Jones

    Loved this post, Ruth. Lots of wisdom in here, and I can relate a lot. 🤗💕

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