I am.

I am the flow of life that connects the body and soul.

I am the nature of all things from the smallest to largest creatures of this earth.

I am the bridge of all emotions. Awareness of my presence changes how I am experienced.

I can be held in and pushed out, but nothing can control me indefinitely.

I am all around you.

Although I can be hard to see, you can feel me when you are close to others.

When I am absent, grief soon follows.

From the first time until the last, I am ever present. Even when you are unaware and have forgotten me.

Even though I belong to everyone, I am uniquely yours. No one can feel me the way that you do, nor can you ever fully comprehend how I feel to others.

I am a fact. I am provable, measurable, observable, and finite. Yet, my origin may feel contentious and my existence a gift.

I am breath.

I am god.

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